Is the PMP certification worth it?

As a  “PMP” certified manager (for the uninitiated – it is the Project Management Professional designation from PMI) , I get asked by my reports, peers and clients  – Is getting a PMP and maintaining it worth the effort? As with any designation, having a PMP by itself does not mean a thing ; I have worked with solid top-notch managers without PMP designation. But, I still believe that it has its uses. Here are my Letterman-esque top 5 reasons –

  • The PMBOK and other PMI resources attempt to give a framework to the various facets of Project management. Any profession general and ambiguous as project management benefits from the use of a frame of reference.
  • The pressure to maintain PDUs forces PMPs to keep in touch with latest trends and ideas in the industry via seminars and forums. My personal favs for IT Project Management – PMclinic and Construx Forums.
  • PM Seminar and forums are great opportunities for networking.
  • Hiring and HR managers use this designation as a filter for PM jobs. Enough said.
  • And finally – it sounds cool to say I am all PMPed up :-). Ok that was for laughs.

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