A rose by any other name…

It is a cliche – Globalization 2.0, The World is Flat, China syndrome et al. But it is true – isn’t it? And how do we know it? Of course, you read the NYT, WSJ, see the Made in China/India/Vietnam tags – it is all over the place.

No- but how do really know that it is true.

Just look around – the everyday people you meet: Have you noticed how you struggle with the names? Wait a minute – have you noticed people struggle with your name?

In a day I go from AJ to AAA-jai and sometimes even Aja .And I have a simple 2 syllable name. In the morning trip to cafe, I run into Maria and Akele.I receive emails from clients – Cheidu and Nguyen. I practice their names before I call them back. Later that afternoon , I help the team pronounce the name “Phanindra”. Back home, my wife and I discuss the greeting card from friends Jaap and Marieke.

And now to overcome some of those challenges, here is help :
Pronounce Names

H/T: The Lifehacker blog.



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