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“All first drafts are terrible. I don’t care if you’re Hemingway.”

In today’s world of iPhones, blackberry, twitter et al the quantity and ease of communication is not the issue but it is the quality. And here is one of my pet peeves – email usage. In my everyday work life, I see tons of emails that are written without a thought about the readers (to be fair – I have been guilty of it too). The company I work for has grown multifold over the years. So have my clients and the projects I manage. Not to mention – so has the email usage. I have had lots of situations that needed teams to re-group and have a meeting or get on to a conference call to discuss issues that were to do with confusions created by somebody’s email on a particular topic.

Dan Silvermans’s take on the topic of email abuse hits the nail on its head – How to Revise an Email So That People Will Read It

While every one will agree to the premise that good email usage increases efficiency of the project and the company, the catch is – good email usage is very closely linked to the company culture – And any change to culture is not easy.

Change begins at home; for starters, I am going to be more disciplined about emails and will try to follow tips mentioned in the Silverman article.